About Us

At Hippo Purp, we draw inspiration from the indomitable spirit of the hippopotamus. Don’t be deceived by the playful purple hue; beneath the surface lies an uncompromising force, much like the deceptively tranquil hippo that rules the African waters with unparalleled ferocity. Our approach to audio mirrors this dichotomy. We’re charmingly innovative, yet fiercely committed to delivering unparalleled quality. Just as a hippo commands its territory, we master the soundscapes we engage in, offering a robust suite of audio services that leave no room for mediocrity. With Hippo Purp, expect an audio experience as captivating and forceful as the creature that inspires us. We’re not just another audio company; we’re the apex of sonic mastery.

We are architects of sound. From precision audio editing and tailored voice-over work to custom music composition and insightful written analysis, we offer an expansive suite of services designed to meet your unique audio needs. Our multidisciplinary expertise in audio engineering, music production, and writing enables us to craft customized experiences that resonate. Whether you’re an artist, a podcaster, or a business, connect with us for a tailored audio solution that transcends the ordinary. Let’s redefine the way you experience sound. You can reach our management team at mic@illa1.com

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